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Birth photography allows you to feel powerful and beautiful as you bring your baby into the world, knowing every moment will be captured for you! 

Calling Expecting Parents

think about it...


  • didn't have to worry about getting photos of your labor and delivery?

  • didn't have to fiddle with a camera or a phone and hope you get at least one good photo of your new baby? 

  • knew every moment would be beautifully photographed?


hey y'all! 

If we've never met before...

I'm Micah and I offer birth photography for families just like yours! 

When my daughter was born, I was so lucky to be able to have a photographer in the room, capturing every moment...from the funny to the painful, from the beautiful to the powerful! Knowing each moment was being captured was such a relief for my husband and me. He (along with our doula) could focus on helping me through contractions and delivery and I was able to focus on the hard, exhausting, and rewarding work of bringing our baby into the world! 

Our photographer caught some of the most epic moments, many that I don't even really remember! The gift she was able to give us is something that we'll never forget (or regret) and is something I want to offer other families now! 

birth photography...what's in it for you? 


     On-call time starting at 37 weeks

     Unlimited time at your birth (including 1 hour postpartum)

     Photojournalistic style photography

     100 edited photos with digital rights

     One prenatal meeting to talk through it all 

loving this idea, so...


24/7 on-call time from 37 weeks

unlimited coverage during labor

unlimited photos taken (which means at least 100 edited photos at the end)

+ a $150 credit toward a future feeding photography session

total value of $1,900

BUT if you're chosen as one of my birth photography models,

you can get all of this for just $495!


$165 over three months


$495 one-time payment

yes, girl! so what does it mean to be a model? 

As a birth photography model, you get a big ol' discount as I continue to build my portfolio. 

Birthers who sign up and are selected will be asked to sign a model release form with the understanding that photos will be shared to my business social media pages to promote my birth photography services. 

All shared photos will be PG (unless previously discussed). 

There are only FIVE AVAILABLE OPENINGS and once those are filled, that's that!

here's how it all works

Step One: 


(if you are due between

September 2022 and December 2022)

Step Two: 

Fill out the form

(so I can get to know you a little)

Step Three: 

Pay your invoice &

meet me for coffee/tea to talk through it all

That's it! 

I'll let you know by May 30 if you've been selected


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