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I am SO HAPPY we chose to have a doula involved in the birth of our second son in Japan. You want someone in your corner who you can be your most authentic self with, and I found that in Micah. She was a resource for information, an emotional sounding board, and cheerleader rolled into one person. Having Micah there strengthened the amazing connection between my husband and I. She was supportive, compassionate, an advocate, and basically a labor & delivery encyclopedia! I’d highly recommend her to other mamas for an informed, supported and empowered birth experience.

~Danielle H. 

I was so intimidated by having a baby in a foreign country. I knew that I wanted a natural and unmedicated birth, but I was afraid that the language barrier and cultural differences of the Japanese hospital would prevent me from doing so. Micah put all of my fears at ease! She advocated for me throughout labor and delivery, reminded me of my goals when I needed it, and encouraged proper birthing positions when I couldn’t think through the pain. Since all of the nursing staff spoke little to no English, it was wonderful having Micah there to explain the phases of labor that I was experiencing, and explain the pain and sensations that were coming. I’ll never forget the encouragement she gave me while I was pushing, particularly at the end when I needed it most. Micah’s coaching and support allowed me to have the natural, unmedicated birth that I had envisioned and hoped for!

~ Jaclyn C.

Micah is a wealth of knowledge on all things birth. Although I did not have the privilege of having her attend one of our births, she provided me with postpartum resources and support. She is a wonderful teacher and her yoga classes are exceptional. She has a gift for empowering other women!

~ Cecily E. 

Micah led multiple yoga practices for our running group of mothers. The energy she brought to her classes was fun and soothing all at once. She had an array of practices she would take us through, showing modifications for those who were pregnant, recovering postpartum, or following an injury. Kids were always running around during class, but she never lost focus. When COVID hit, she was flexible and even led a practice virtually. You always left her class feeling mentally and physically refreshed and limber. Micah is passionate about helping other women and sharing her yoga skills with them. I highly recommend taking her classes!

~ Kristin C. 

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